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This spring Seattle Hottie will be launching its FREE SEATTLE DATING WEBSITE.   That's right!  FREE for everyone.  Our traffic on the website has been growing exponentially for three years now and it's time to bring the Single Seattle Hotties together.  If you'd like to be notified when we launch the free dating area of our website, please email us with "FREE DATING" in the subject line and we'll notify you as soon as the dating area of the site is up and running!

After visiting our site, please check out the hottest new sites featuring dates from hell. We know you've all got stories of your own, and we'd love to hear them all!

Think you're hot?  Maybe you are, but everyone else's opinion might count for or against you here at Seattle Hottie!  Find hot singles, or at least single people who think they're hot and let them know what you think!  Seattle and the entire northwest is flowing with sexy guys and gals, as well as not so hot guys and gals.  Step up to the plate and see if you've got what it takes to top our charts.  You don't have to be single to use Seattle Hottie.  You could be single, married or even actively dating. 

With all the dating websites around these days, and all the competition on the singles scene, we're just a site with photos of people in and around the Seattle area.  While we plan to ultimately offer VIP membership access to allow our members to meet other Seattle singles, right now we are starting off with only photos for you to vote on.  Our goal is to ultimately become not only a hottie photo rating system but also a free online dating site.  So make sure you keep coming back to check your stats, vote on hot girls and guys in Seattle and just be part of the action.  Our free member base is growing every week and we'd like everyone to be part of it.  So dig up some of your hottest photos and get started today!

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